Advanced Artificial Intelligence has the IQ of a Preschooler


Are you waiting for Rosie the Robot to be your own personal maid? Are you ready to send your robot sidekick to get your errands done while you catch up on critical napping time? If you’re anything like me, these concepts are very appealing but just… not… close… enough!

There is room for hope however; an advanced AI system known as ConceptNet4, has been recently tested and shown to have the IQ of a 4-year-old child. This doesn’t get very many people excited, but I think it should. Michio Kaku, a famous theoretical physicist, stated in 2010 that a.i. is currently at the level of a cockroach…

A mentally challenged cockroach; a lobotomized, mentally challenged cockroach.These cockroaches take about six hours to walk across the room.  They enter a room.  They see lines, circles, squares, triangles, but they don’t know the fact that they’re looking at chairs, desks, tables, people, lamps.  They see better than us.  They don’t know what they are seeing.  Also they hear better than us, but they don’t understand what they are hearing.

To think that in three years we have progressed from cockroach to 4-year-old child is pretty amazing. It is important to note that the system is not as fully intelligent as a normal child of this age. Its knowledge is greatly varied and lacks “common sense” and experience-gained knowledge. That being said, this level of a.i. is a new peak in a field with rising interest from scientists and businesses alike.

“Artificial intelligence has been getting exponentially smarter for decades, and some technologists even believe the singularity — the point when machine intelligence will overtake humans — is near. Along the way, we’ve seen the trivia-playing computer Watson trounced trivia maven Ken Jennings at Jeopardy, and chess program Deep Blue eventually beat chess master Gary Kasparov in 1997.” – Robert Sloan


The Singularity -The Inexplicable Future of Humans and Technology

The singularity is a term borrowed from physics by Google’s chief engineer, Ray Kurzweil. The meaning in physics relates to the point inside of a black hole at which the laws of physics have completely broken down. Kurzweil’s definition refers to a point in the future at which technology has increased to such a high level that it is not possible to perceive a difference between technology and humanity.

Imagine a time in the future that has changed so much that, like physical laws in a black hole, life as we know it to be ceases to exist, and life begins anew in a completely different context. This is similar to the point in our evolution when language developed… try explaining to a non-lingual, pre-human the verses of Shakespeare, or the verses of Jay-Z for that matter.

The life expectancy was 20, 1,000 years ago, we doubled it in 200 years. This will go into high gear within 10 and 20 years from now, probably less than 15, we will be reaching that tipping point where we add more time than has gone by because of scientific progress.”…Based on conservative estimates of the amount of computation you need to functionally simulate a human brain, we’ll be able to expand the scope of our intelligence a billion-fold.” – Ray Kurzweil

Beginning is Near

The most amazing part is the time-frame that is projected. By Kurzweil’s estimates based on the exponential leaps shown by Moore’s Law, we may reach this tech-haven by 2045. So that’s all there is to it… hold on for 32 more years and it’s all virtual reality gravy. I’ll leave you with this by Friedrich Nietzsche…

“Man is something that shall be overcome…. Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman — a rope over an abyss… What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”

How Do Our Thoughts Affect Reality?

This video talks about the observer effect in quantum mechanics. At the subatomic level it was noticed that matter, like light, can behave as a wave or as a particle. These electrons basically start as a wave, and then take form when looked upon or measured by a conscious observer.

We literally shape the reality around us and our thoughts help determine our daily paths. Duncan Trussell, a comedian and philosopher has said loosely that this correlates with the multiple universe theories. Where everything that can happen to you does actually happen in one of these universes, and by thinking about the future we want, we can manifest that reality into being.

So what do you think? How much do your intentions affect your world?

Happy Humpday and think positive!