South Korea Is Home to First Virtual Supermarket

If you dread your weekly grocery store trip, then you will love this new virtual supermarket concept that just opened South Korea. Homeplus (Tesco) has developed this concept to reduce the time and hassle of shopping, thus freeing up valuable time for whatever your heart desires. It works with your smartphone via a specific app. You simply scan the items you want, and walk to the front to pay where your items are waiting for you, or you can even choose to have them delivered.

“Products will be delivered at a time chosen by consumers, and delivery fees will range from 1,000 won ($0.92) to 4,000 won depending on the hour of the day,” Sunny Jung, an official at Homeplus.

I would absolutely pay them extra if they would put them away for me and straighten up my pantry… just saying.


One of the coolest things is that you can shop anywhere by reordering what you need through your phone. You could search for the item in your history or simply scan the barcode. The smartphone market is booming and this seems like a good fit for the time.

As things continue to progress with technology and it becomes ubiquitous in our everyday lives, I don’t think physical stores will be needed in the future. For the time being though,virtual supermarkets could go a long way to saving space utilized by retail grocery stores. Check out the video below from Homeplus for some interesting tidbits.


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