4,000 MPH Hyperloop Super “Train” – NY to LA in 30 Minutes


With this new Hyperloop super “train”, you’ll be able to get from NY to LA in about the time you can get a pizza delivered.

Now, as someone who studied logistics and transportation, I feel strongly that the U.S. transportation infrastructure is in need of drastic change.

We are already far behind other developed countries, a lot of which are geographically smaller. For Instance, France’s TGV consistently hits 201 mph (322 kmh), Korea’s KTX marks up at 218 mph (350 kmh), and the UK  is developing High Speed 2 planned at up to 250 mph (402 kmh). These are just a three of the thirteen countries that currently have high-speed rail in operation.

It seems Elon Musk, South African-American entrepreneur, and a Colorado company called ET3 believe this as well. The founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, is touting the idea of a high-speed tube transport system that he calls a Hyperloop.

…an elevated tube system with a magnetic levitation system similar to high-speed bullet trains. The kicker would be the enclosed tube, which would provide a nearly friction-less surface for individual capsules to travel in.

The 4,000 mph estimate is for long trips cross-country, or inter-continental. That’s one of the best parts, these tubes will be able to be constructed underwater. Connecting Alaska, Hawaii, and even other continents together could perhaps eliminate the need of, or at least severely decongest air travel.

Whether Musk is working with ET3 isn’t specified, but ET3 is referring to their system as the ETT, or Evacuated Tube Transport, not the Hyperloop. Their claim is that construction would be significantly cheaper than freeway and rail, resulting in an estimated $100 fare for a trip from NY to LA… in an hour. *Nice*


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