Arkyd 100 – Free and Publicly Accessible Space Telescope

The Arkyd 100 space telescope is a project by Planetary Resources Inc, a company co-founded by technology and science entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson.

The best thing about this is that it will be accessible to the public for Free. Individuals will be able to browse images and live feed from the telescope and for some, even a chance control it.

Arkyd 100

One of the company’s main missions is discovering asteroids, intending to mine them for valuable resources… sounds like a good beginning for a  sci-fi movie.

The crowdfunded Arkyd telescope is for the people… Space exploration is now something that we all can actively join, not merely passively watch. People of every age and background will be able to explore and learn about the cosmos and make their own discoveries.

They started this Kickstarter campaign in which over 17,000 people supported the project landing in the top 25 Kickstarter projects ever. This page goes more in-depth on what the goals of the program are and how they plan to use the funds.

With the campaign beating its goal of $1 million, it will now be able to work with Zooniverse to allow at home users help to locate dangerous near-earth asteroids… The whole thing is kinda like the movie Armageddon, but with less Bruce Willis.

The plans are to release this to the public sometime in 2015.


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