Be the Director in the Film of Your Life

This is a video set to a monologue given by Joe Rogan. He discusses healthy living, being positive, and how to create your own path in life.

Joe is a surprisingly great source for insightfullness, positivity, and blatant honesty.

You have to recognize that all of this morality that you developed is good because it’s good to treat other people good. It’s good to treat other people the way you’d like to be treated yourself…and there’s a reason for it, and that reason is that we are connected in some strange way that we don’t totally understand. And unless you are good to other people around you, unless you are kind, and friendly, and warm, and loving, you’re not going to enjoy this life…And it’s not because of Jesus, and it’s not because of Moses, it’s not because of anybody that may or may not have ever existed; it’s because that’s how you fit in better with the world… That’s how you stay positive.

The video starts getting good around the 1:00 mark.


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