It’s Official! NASA is Developing a Warp Drive

Traveling faster than light has been thought of as impossible due to Einstein’s work in relativity, but NASA is officially developing a vessel called to Alcubierre Drive designed to do that very thing. While the ship works by using intense gravity to contract space-time in front of the ship, and expand it behind. This causes the ship to “float” in a pocket of space-time that is moving at or beyond the speed of light.

Warp Engaged

Faster-than-light travel, also known as hyper space or “warp” drive from what the masses know for sure is currently at the level of speculation. Although there is already a lot of evidence that shows it is possible  and has already been accomplished, mainstream science is still catching up.  We are at the point right now where faster-than-light travel is still theoretical, but possible.

Moving faster than light also brings up interesting question on time travel and the flow of space-time. I’d also like to know a little more about the evidence that this has been done before, but until then I’ll be planning the outer space vacation I’ve always dreamed of. So long star-gazers and hit the link for the full article.


Nasa admits its working to travel faster than speed of light




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