Geeks Without Frontiers – Worldwide Internet Access by 2020

GEEKS Without Frontiers, has unveiled an initiative with the goal of providing worldwide broadband internet by 2020. I came across this today and I absolutely love everything about the initiative and what good it can do for the world.

We are thriving in the digital renaissance where the power of one voice can be heard by millions instantaneously… Where every song, book, and work of art can be available to all in any language.

This global internet connection creates a free flow of ideas and imagination that could not have existed before, but with a worldwide internet access,  our horizons can be expanded daily or even hourly…

These ideas then go on to influence others who then influence others, and by the time the idea reaches the original person that created it, the idea has shifted and flowered into something more beautiful and amazing than it could have ever been on its own. These feedback loops accelerate our social evolution and help create global communities.

These are the things I find that give me so much hope. They excites me for the future and the possibilities it holds. Remember everyday that the world is getting better, and that everything is not as gloom and doom and depressing as the media may often portray it. If you love this idea, and it gives you hope, and makes you smile, share it and spread the happiness…

Help us flip the switch and bring a ray of light to the rest of the world through worldwide internet connectivity.

Global Internet

Below is the main site for GEEKS Without Frontiers that I encourage you to check out, as well as another article I found on the topic. Hope you enjoyed.

The GEEKS Mission Statement

Focusing on humanity’s real challenges, GEEKS will leverage the skills of technology leaders, utilize open source software, develop applications for communications, education and commerce, and in conjunction with the Manna Energy Foundation, collaborate on global renewable energy, and clean water projects.


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